A Step Back in Time at the Shasta County Fair in McArthur

  • Limited to 40 guests.
  • Children not allowed.
  • Member Pricing

Spend a memorable Labor Day Sunday getting to know what goes into the makings of a real county fair. Get to know the people behind the scenes as you learn about the history and the agriculture of the Fall River Valley. This Indian summer day is guaranteed to create enough adventures to make fair-going a brand new experience! Some of the scheduled activities you will be treated to include a cattle pen show, sonogramming of youth-fed cattle, a paint branding competition, and the fair’s annual Cattlemen’s Social. Admission to the fair and a catered lunch at the historic home of Craig and Marlene McArthur are included. Learn about specialty crops of the Fall River Valley, new irrigation methods, and see a mint distillation unit.

Bus transportation to and from Redding will be provided. This event is not appropriate for children.

Hosted by Francis & Ann Duchi, Jim & Nancy Wilson, Lynn & Larry Forero, Marilyn & Terry Thomas, Fall River-Big Valley Cattlemen’s Assoc., Intermountain Fair Heritage Foundation, McArthur Ranch, Inc., and McArthur Livestock